10 Free Educational Apps on the Playstore 2016

Many of us have taken to the pleasures of technology. They cannot be separated from their smartphones for a minute. It goes with them everywhere, from bed to breakfast, school, church, mosque and club. To most of us, smartphone always come first before anything else. But the thing that most don’t know is how to use these technological inventions to improve their educational qualifications. So in this article we have listed the 10 free educational apps on the PlayStore that one needs to know to take his or her educational performance to the next level.

 10 Free Educational Apps on the Playstore 2016                      

Khan Academy

Khan’s academy brings to your door over 10,000 videos and explanations in math, science, economics, history, and much more free of charge. You can easily find whatever you want by typing it in the search bar. It comes with the Practice questions and answers to the questions are instantly given with step-by-step tip-offs. The best part of this app is the fact that you can Bookmark your favorite content for easy access. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher; home-scholar, principal, adult returning to the classroom, Khan Academy’s materials can have great impact on you.


This is a math’s genius app! It is so amazing and fascinating. This app brings to you all mathematics solution at your doorstep with just a simple shot. Whenever you are given mathematics question, that contain the following: integers, fractions, roots, algebraic expressions, linear equations/in equations, quadratic equations logarithms, trigonometry, derivatives and integrals. The app can magically show you the answer to the question with detailed step-by-step instructions. This is really awesome and every beginner in mathematics should try and have this app.

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EdX – Online Courses

If you are looking for a way to study most of your desire course online with an easy to go app, then, your best app should be EdX – Online Courses. It is free educational app that gives you the opportunity to learn from most of the world’s classic universities like Harvard University and other reputable institutions such as MIT, Microsoft and Linux. You can learn free course in computer science, engineering, history, psychology, nutrition, big data, statistics and hundreds more.

WPS Office + PDF

This is a mobile substitute for the computer version of the Microsoft word. It can perform almost all what the PC version can perform. The app is compatible with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and text editors, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Adobe PDF etc. you can also Converts all Office documents (Word, Excel, Power Point) and text files to PDF files.   


This is one of the best offline apps. There are instances that you find some materials on online and you want to save them so that you can read them later. This app can help you do that. With this app you can save the file or document that you want anywhere. Whenever you find an article, video or link you want to read or watch later, just save it to Pocket and you can view it anywhere at any time. You can also customize the app to match your reading style.

Mathematics basics & formulas

Mathematics has been a problem to many people since at the elementary school. Most of us fears mathematics and at the same time wish we know it. With this app, you can be rest assure that all the mathematics formula that you strangle to memorize can be found in it. You don’t need to memorize formulas any more. Just get the app on the store and it will serve as your diary in your pocket. It has a lot of math’s formulas. Think of most of the popular mathematics formulas you will be able to find them on this app.

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English Grammar

This app provides you proper English grammar tutorial with definition and examples. The app supports offline reading and has a great Used Easy Grammar. If you are a beginner in English or you want to polish your English then grammar app is for you because it contains all what you need to know to become a best grammarian.

General Knowledge

This is a multiple choice questions which can help you to prepare for exams worldwide.  The topics that the app covered includes Computer, General Science, Marketing, Cost Accounting, Database, Financial Accounting, Technology, Communication, Media World Social Science and many more. If you are looking forward to attending Interview or taking your MBA exams then, this app can be useful to you.

Personal development

This is another great app that will give you all the tips to help you develop a better personality in you. The app will show you how to inculcate positive attitudes in you like punctuality, flexible attitude, willingness to learn, friendly nature, eagerness to help others and so on. This will go a long way in reducing stress and conflicts.

Computer Tips and Tricks

If you are looking forward to learning computer on your own then, this app is for you. The app is a great start to everyone who wants to learn computer. This app will provide you step by step computer tutorial with images. The best part is that, the app has an easy to use Interface and also does not demand network connection before it can be operated. It is fully Offline app.

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