10 Websites In Ghana To Buy,Sell Bitcoin & Other Digital Cash

We are in the digital errand where everything is done online. digital cash (cryptocurrencies) are the trending topics today and many people are getting much interest in these form of assets as days pass.

But the question is for an average user or as a newbie to the digital currencies how do you purchase or sell your currencies in case you want to own or incase you have some and want to dispose of them?. I guess this is where exchanges come to play roles.

Exchanges bring buyers and sellers together to transact business. But is unfortunate, many people in Ghana and other neighboring countries don’t know the place to buy and sell their digital assets such as bitcoin, ether, litecoin, PayPal, Perfect money and other altcoins. This post is here to provide the lists of most of the exchanges in Ghana and beyond.

Disclaimer! This post is not meant to promote any exchange but to provide information to those who are looking for places to buy or sell their digital cash for fiat. Below are some of the websites you can transact your digital cash with fiat.


The first website on the list is localbitcoins. This is an international website but with a section dedicated to Ghana. Meaning they have agents in Ghana and you can easily buy and sell your currencies using mobile money service.

Localbitcoin has been in operation for quite sometimes and they are doing well when it comes to digital trading. what i like about this website the fact that the connect each buy and seller together.

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They don’t sell or buy the digital assets. They only serve as escrow, that’s they show you the list of available buyers and sellers within your location and then you will transact your business with each other after you come into agreement with the price and other terms of the business, then the buyer sends the money. The localbitcoins agents hold the money as escrow when the bitcoin seller sends the bitcoin and its confirmed by the buyer, they then release the money to the seller.


Ecurrency4u as the name indicates deals with pure digital currencies. They appear to be the second on our list because they play a great role in the digital exchanges. Ecurrency4u deal with bitcoin, bitcoin cash, perfect money,ethereum,litcoin, skrill, and payza. the only thing that, it looks like they have fixed rate for their assets of which may not be a problem to most people.


This website has been operating for quite long and has gained a much reputation in the market. many of the users of this local exchange have come to love the way they transact business with the site. A friend of mine loves this exchange more than most of the websites because their response to his questions is satisfactory. I have also made quite a number of transactions on this website and must say its satisfactory. But this is not a guarantee that yours will be satisfactory since circumstance can change at any time. You can give them a try and see.


ebitcoinics so far is one of the popular exchanges and may be among the most visited crypto exchanges in Ghana by most of my guys. They love to transact with ebitcoinic because they personally know the operators of this exchange. As every trader hold the view of KYC (know your customer), people prefer to transact business with those they know because with that if anything goes wrong, they can trace them for a refund. ebitcoinic as proven to also be the best player in the industry so far. Their website interface is great and easy to navigate. They also have the e-learning centre where you can sign up for a course and begin to learn about cryptocurrencies. Go ahead and check the website to see for yourself.

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Another loved website by many crypto lovers today is uniquecoin. This exchange is a new entrant and is doing well. It has some currencies which other exchanges has not. Their buy rate is also good as compare to other players in the market.  The only thing is the fact that many a time the got short of some funds. But is good to know that the fund shortage is limited to only some currencies not all. As for the well know funds, such as bitcoin and bitcoin cash, they are always in stock.


kobicity.tech is an exchange which mainly deals with PayPal. Meaning they buy and sell PayPal funds. As you know PayPal is not in Ghana but many of the guys find their way to use PayPal in Ghana and other countries. So if you are in Ghana and you want to buy or sell PayPal funds then kobicity is your number one go place. I do a lot of transactions on this website and i must say they are reliable. They recently introduced bitcoin transactions to their operation but I’ve not tried that to see how smooth it also runs on their site. You can visit their site and see what they have for you there.


Another best site to buy or sell your currencies is sinpoa. This website I must confirm was introduced to me by a friend and after taking a look at the site i realized is also worth mentioning in this article. they have advanced payment options which i did not see in many of the exchanges in the country. Even though I never transact with them, but some of the guys i talked to did and gave a positive feedback on the website .check it out

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This site has also been in the existence for some time now and its users love it a lot. the site has a lot of positive testimony and that looks promising to some dealers. see some of the feedback from the site.ePayBit Best Dealers For E currencies In Ghana Bitcoin paypal, perfect money

CB-TEK Ghana

CB-TEK Ghana has been in the e-currency market since 2009 and can be considered to be among the oldest exchanges in Ghana and are still doing great in the market. they serve their customers well. they offer several services to their customers including WAEC results checker cards. vist the site to see all the service they offer on their site.


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