5 cool Facebook Hidden Secrets Everyone Should know

Facebook has become an outstanding way of sharing photos and status updates among friends. No day passed without over 10,000 people visiting the site. The site has become the best place to hangout with friends and love ones. Most people visit the site to check their post comments and also read other people’s post. Many don’t know there are many features and functions embedded in the site that one can use to maximize his or her activities on the site, and also minimize cost.

I guess this is worth knowing if you don’t know. So in this article we are going to give out the top 5 cool tips and tricks associated with the site that most people don’t know. Like how to minimize data usage on Facebook, how to update timeline with a text message (SMS), how to upload photo without it being public, how to tag a friend on a post or a photo on Facebook and how to edit or delete a post or comments on Facebook.

cool facebook tips and tricks

The post might look plenty, but I bet it’s not. Just take your time and read through the post and you will be able to get the full benefits of the site you always use.

How to update your Facebook account with text messages (SMS)

Are aware you can update your timeline without having to type on the main Facebook site in your browser. I guess you don’t. Yes, you can!! Facebook allows you to update your timeline with an SMS when you turned on the Facebook text feature on your account.

To update your timeline on Facebook using text messages just follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the Facebook text messaging feature is ON. To on the feature go to settings >privacy> text messaging> Facebook text>enter your phone number to receive the confirmation code>enter the code sent to you and click on confirm.enter-phone-number
  2. Now that the feature is ON, then you can start to update your timeline with text messages without having to use your data.
  3. To update your wall through SMS, type the message and then send it to the short code 32665(FBOOK). Your profile will automatically be updated with the message sent and all your friends will be able to see your new updates and any comment and likes on the post will be notified to you through a text.
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But note that the code may differ depending on your country. You can check your country code from here. Standard charges may also be applied by your service carrier when you send the message.

How to minimize data usage on Facebook

If you always spend much data when browsing Facebook you can use this tips to reduce your data consumptions rate.

  1. Click settings and privacy at the bottom of your Facebook page
  2. Click on general under the settings and privacy
  3. Click edit and move next to data usage
  4. Under data usages you will see these three options: less, normal and more.
  5. By default it will be on normal. So to minimize it to the lowest consumption select less. But note when you select less, Facebook won’t display photos. But your data will not be consumed as it used to be. Normal will display photos at low quality and more will display photos at high quality.

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How to upload photos on Facebook without people seeing

There are times you want to upload pictures to your wall, but don’t want to be displayed in public for everyone to see.  Facebook has made it easier to now upload such photos to your profile without showing in the news feeds for all people on your Friends list. You can follow the steps below whenever you want to upload such photos to your account.

  • Click “Add Photo/Video” from the Facebook main page to see the upload options.
  • Now Click on “Choose File” to open a file upload dialog box.
  • Browse for the photo you want to upload.
  • After locating the photo, Click on it photo to select and “Choose” to close the dialog and add the photo to the status.
  • Look at the bottom of the upload page you will see the display option Click on the drop-down menu and choose “Only Me” to prevent the photo from being public.
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facebook upload only-me

  • Now Click “Post” to post the photo to your Facebook wall.

The photo will appear on your news feed and Timeline but no one can see it. If you want to make it public, you can now go and change the settings’ to public by so doing, it will now be displayed for all your friends.

How to tag a friend in a post or a photo on Facebook

Tags are used to draw the attentions of people to a post on Facebook. When you tag people to a post or photo, you create a link to their profile and the post will also appear on the person’s timeline. The person who is tagged in the post will see the post likewise his or her friends.

To tag a friend in a photo or post on Facebook, follow the steps below.

  • Select the photo you want to upload
  • After uploading the photo, click on it to expand.
  • Now hover over the photo and click Tag Photo at the bottom. Or you also double tap on the photo to display the tag feature.
  • Now type in the name of the person you want to tag to the photo. As you start to type a suggested name will pop up with names starting with the latter being typed.
  • Choose the full name of the person you want to tag when it appears.
  • Click on done and the person will be tagged to the photo.

This same procedure can be followed when tagging people to a post or comments.

How to edit or delete a post or comments on Facebook

Sometimes, you might mistakenly type a post or comment that you don’t mean to type, and you want to edit it or delete it completely. The following steps can take you through how to do that successfully.

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It only takes a few steps to edit or delete a post or comments on Facebook.

  1. Select the post or comment that you want to edit by clicking on it.
  2. After selecting the post, you will see options below the post that says “more”. Click on it
  3. Now you will see a list of menus look for edit and click on it if you want to edit the post. But if you want to delete the post completely you have to click on the delete option.

edit-post on facebook

4. After clicking on the selected option you will be prompted with a message asking you whether you want to completely delete the post or not. Choose confirm to delete. Or cancel to go back to the post.

5. After confirming that’s all now the post or the comment will be removed from your timeline.

So, I hope this tips and tricks will be helpful to you. If you have any query or just what to share your views about the post then feel free to place it in comments below. If you find this post educative then do subscribe to our newsletter for free updates of our upcoming articles.


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