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Our goal is to build a place where people can come, find and discover any information concerning the above mentioned free of charge. We also wish to make all the latest information readily and conveniently available to all persons around the globe.

The site has a neat interface with all the information listed under clearly defined categories. You can easily find what you want by navigating to the category. This is to help our fellow learners not to suffer searching through the site archive to find the information they need.

About the Founder

The name of the founder is Iddrisu Sadik Debabs. An accountant by profession, and a tech dude by passion. He is passionate about learning and sharing the knowledge learned. He found his way into the world of tech way back 2011 when he was at the senior high school.  He got to know about blogs in 2013 and starts his first blog in 2015. The blog has helped many in educating themselves with the latest trends in the tech world. He always posts simple tips and tricks with regards to smartphones, computer WhatsApp, Facebook and other relevant information trending in the world of IT. You can connect with him on Facebook  , Twitter , Google plus  ,YouTube

The Founders Favorite Statement

Never give up on what you have the passion for doing because of the challenges or any setback that you come across.  keep on trying even if you yield negative results. Because of the more you try, the better the chance of overcoming the challenge.

The journey of learning is never easy, but with dedication, prayers and hard work you shall be able to see through.