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under construction page plugin is a free WordPress Plugin which can be quickly installed from WordPress repository.The plugin allows you to put your site under construction mode in just a few seconds.You can choose a background image; customize the title and body where you can add text, images, and videos.

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As bloggers or website owners, we all do some small maintenance to our blogs and websites at least once in every two or three months.  It is a normal thing to always restructure your website appearance, to add more functions and make it more attractive to your audience. If you are trying to change a theme or a layout of a live website/blog, or you try to delete some unwanted files and broken plugins from your WordPress site, this may sometimes cause a downtime to your site. But the question you should ask yourself is; do I want my visitors to see a broken site while I’m doing maintenance? I guess the answer to this self-asked question is no. Then this is where Maintenance Mode plugins come in.

Maintenance mode plugins are WordPress plugins that can help any web designer or developer, blog/website owner to put his or her website on under construction mode. This means while you are working on the website, no one can have access to the website except the admin. Anyone who tries to access the site will be displayed with an under construction mode page, indicating that the website is still under construction or is in a maintenance mode. You can check this article to have much information about the Maintenance mode page plugin.

There are many plugins on the WordPress repo that seems to serve this purpose. Many of them do well when it comes to the functions they are meant to serve, but some do better.  Not quite recently, I was to do some maintenance to one of my sites and needed to put that site under maintenance mode. I searched through the WordPress directory for a free plugin that can do that for me. I tried many of these plugins but was not satisfied with the outcome. I then continue with the search till I stumbled upon one of this plugins. This plugin I must say is awesome; it has great functions and really does the job perfectly. The plugin is called under construction page . It is a free plugin which can be quickly installed from WordPress repository. The plugin allows you to put your site under construction mode in just a few seconds. You can choose a background image; customize the title and body where you can add text, images, and videos.

What makes this plugin awesome is that, unlike the other maintenance or coming soon plugins, this one gives you a choice to let other members of your company such as the author, admin and other trusted employees see the actual work on the website while the site is still under construction. The plugin has over 50,000+ installs and getting updated every two weeks to make it more compatible and suitable for every WordPress website/blog. You can read more about this plugin from this link . I think we’ve talked much about this plugin. Now let’s look at how to install and setup the plugin.

Like we use to install all other plugins, under construction page plugin is not also an exception. You follow the same procedures to install this plugin too. First login to your dashboard and search for “under construction page ” then install the first one that appears and activate it as shown from the screen below.

Installation page


Once the plugin is activated, go to Settings and locate under construction from the list of menus and then click on it. Now you will see the screen as shown below.

settimgs page


Now is time to do your necessary setting to the plugin to get the outcome that you want. Let’s start with enabling the plugin. To enable, click on the main tab and then drag the status bar to enable. Once is enabled, your site will be put on maintenance mode.

Now navigate to the rest of the tab to do all your necessary settings, and after that, you are ready to start your real maintenance to the site. During this period anyone who happens to land on your page will be displayed with the above notice, and that person will not feel disappointed with the website. Below is the outcome of my maintenance mode page some weeks back when I was making some changes to my website.

settimgs page

I guess you found this article helpful, if yes then is time to take action. Anytime you want to make changes to your website and it demands you put your site under maintenance mode then you can always go for this plugin for free. If you’ve ever use this plugin, then we will be happy to hear your experience with it too. What can you also say about it, let’s us know in the comments.




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