How To Create More Storage Space On Android Device

Android smartphones are used to store ample data. This data includes pictures, audio & music files, videos, documents, apps and much more. All this data accumulated in large number over time, affecting device speed and performance. Thus, it becomes important to manage your device storage space for better device performance. Below are some of the ways through which you can create more storage space to your Android phone.

Manage Bloatware & unwanted apps

Your device comes pre-installed with lots of unnecessary apps and services from your device manufacturer. These apps occupy a lot of precious storage space on your device. Apart from bloatware, there remain many other unwanted apps as well on your device. There are some Apps that you installed out of curiosity but never used. You can remove all this unnecessary data accumulated in the form of apps from your device. To manage your storage device space, go to Settings, Applications > All and sift through the apps to find unnecessary apps from it. Now click on “Disable” or “Uninstall” to remove bloatware and other unnecessary apps.

Use SD card

Using SD card can enhance your device’s storage space to multifold. You can transfer a lot of your data to SD card, including photo, videos, audio & music files, documents and lots more. You can even transfer your large apps to SD card if it supports. If your device doesn’t support SD card, then you can consider using it on an ad-hoc basis using a micro SD card reader. You can connect this card reader through device’s Micro-USB port or a wireless version. You can buy a micro SD card which supports your device as per its technical qualifications.

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Use Cloud backup

The next and more prominent substitute to storing data on external tools is to save it on cloud servers. Cloud backup is potent services, which helps you recover a lot of precious storage space on your device instantly. You can use various cloud backup services to store chunks of your data. You can access and restore this data from cloud servers anytime anywhere you want. These cloud backup tools use strong encryption services to keep your data safe and intact. Cloud backup services are useful when you don’t have much space on your device to store a lot of data.

Remove unnecessary files & folders

Your device storage space stores lot of unnecessary files in the form of cache files, log files, apps data, other downloaded files, duplicate files and other junk files. All these files accumulate on your device due to various reasons like file sharing, data backup, file download etc. These unnecessary files not only occupy precious storage space on your device, but they also affect your device speed and performance negatively. You can perform cleaning of your device to get rid of all such unnecessary files & folders to manage your device storage space efficiently.

Use technology (App)

The next best step to managing storage space on your Android device is to use technology. You can use various tools to keep your device intact. Tools like cleaner apps, battery saver apps, cache cleaner apps, duplicate file remover apps, file managers etc. Can help you solve your many basic problems of your device. Using Android cleaner apps, you can recover a lot of storage space to manage it in a much better way.

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You can follow these simple steps to fix your various storage spaces related issues. These simple steps can help you manage your device storage space more systematically.

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