How To Delete Duplicated Files From Your Android Device

We all usually store a lot of files on our phone, and sometimes these files will be stored in different folders. There are instances where you will receive a file, and that file might already exist on your SD card. This may take a lot of your phone space and will lead to your device to be running on low storage space which may cause the low device performance. In this case, it may be difficult to find the duplicate files manually, and this is where the duplicate app files fixer comes in. This app will scan all the folders on your device to find any duplicate files and gives you the option to either backup those files or delete them completely from your phone.

This is a great app that can help you find all duplicate files on your phone and delete them to free up some space on your device. This duplicate cleaner will not only let you remove such files but will also let you preview them before you go ahead and delete them. Follow the steps below to get all duplicated files off fro your phone.

  • Download the app from this link 
  • Install the app and follow the screen guide to continue with the process
  • Now you will see scan categories like to scan audio, videos, and pictures. Choose the file category you want to scan. You can also scan the whole phone
  • Now click on the Scan and Wait for the app to finish the scanning process
  • Once the scan is complete, the result will be shown to you, and it will look like the screen below
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  • Now you will see two options on the completion screen that say delete now and backup now. You can tap on backup now to back up the files before deleting them.
  • Tap on delete now, and all the duplicate files will be deleted from your phone.

This brings us to the end of this post, but please note, make sure you always back up the files before deleting them because something can go wrong and that will mean you will lose both of the files.

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