Best WordPress AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin (Alidropship)

Dropshipping business is getting much better and easier these days simply because there are bunchs of software’s that help to semi-automate the dropshipping business.

As days passed by, more and more people are venturing into this new form of business and thousands of dollars are being made from the dropshipping business every day. Today many people are earning 6 figure incomes from the dropshipping business.

If you are on this page the chances are either you are operating a dropshipping business or you’re planning on starting a new drop shipping store.

In the previous post, we looked at how to create a dropshipping store using ezusy automated and also discussed how to push products from AliExpress to woocommerce store using woodropship.

So in this article, we are going to see another best dropshipping plugin for WordPress that is above all the plugins we talked about so far.

This plugin is the best and the most widely used plugin when it comes to WordPress AliExpress dropshipping. That plugin is no other plugin than AliDropship plugin.

AliDropship is one of the best WordPress/woocommerce plugins which comes with a bunch of features and function you can think off. The “AliDropship plugin gives you everything you need to start your own highly successful dropshipping business today”.

If you are a regular visitor to this site you may realize for the past I discuss three drop shipping software that you can use to import products to your store and I must say each of the software we discussed so far is great but AliDropship has advanced mind-blowing features and functions than most of the software we discussed earlier. Some of these functions may be found in the other dropshipping plugin but most of the features are not.

The AliDropship plugin is developed to make the life of every woocommerce drop shipper easier. I started using this plugin barely a month and must say the results am getting with the plugin is amazing. For the past, I used most of the dropshipping plugins but none of them can be compared to this one.

The plugin has many features that are fully compatible with Woo Commerce plugin. We are not going to look at all the features here but will look at the advanced ones.

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Below are some of the advanced features of this great plugin that will make you completely fall for this plugin.

Built-in themes

Woocommerce is powered by WordPress and WordPress is mainly based on themes and plugins. Themes are what give any WordPress website a great look. For a standard woocommerce store, the only thing that can give the store a great look is the theme and most of this nice themes are premium. Fortunately, once you purchase the AliDropship plugin, you can get the chance to download some nice looking theme alongside with the plugin. The Plugin comes with professionally designed themes that you can easily set up, switch and customize.

Product reviews

Product reviews these days is among the first thing that most of the customers check before they place an order on a store. With this plugin, you can easily import the original AliExpress product reviews to your store and this can encourage your customers to take action on your store.

Abandoned Cart

A study reveals that 90% of your customers will not purchase a product the first time they come in contact with that product. This means a customer can come to your store and see a product but that person will not buy it due to the fact that the person will like to explore other stores to compare the prices with yours. By so doing, that customer might forget to come back to your site to finish what he started on your store. So is always good to have the abandoned cart feature on your store. This will send a reminder to anyone who started an action on your store and couldn’t finish. The AliDropship plugin has this feature integrated and this means you don’t have to spend extra cash on getting this feature to your store.

 SEO product tags

As a store owner, there are different ways of driving traffic to your store and the best among them is paid and organic. With this plugin, you can optimize your product pages for search engines with product-specific Meta tags, titles, descriptions, and keywords. This will help to generate a free organic traffic to the site.

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Built-in image editor

The AliDropship plugin comes with one of the powerful features that amazed me the very first time I start to use it. The plugin has a tool designed to edit images before importing them into your store from AliExpress and make changes to product images directly from the WordPress admin panel.

All-in-one dashboard

Unlike the other dropshipping apps which have a separate dashboard from the main woocommerce dashboard, AliDropship plugin dashboard is integrated into your WordPress main dashboard and this means you don’t have to login to a separate site before you can have access to your store’s sales, orders, traffic and other activities.

Discount coupons

Another cool feature of this plugin is the fact that you can run sales and promotions by offering coupon codes that save customers` money. With this plugin, you choose whether the discount is for dollar off, a percentage off, free shipping, etc.

Email lists

The Plugin collects not only the emails of your customers but also the emails of users who left their contacts on your site but did not complete a purchase.

Live statistics

Simply connect your Google Analytics to the Plugin to get detailed data about your visitors and traffic sources.

Get the full features of this great plugin here.

How To Get The AliDropship Plugin

Before you can have access to the plugin you will need to first purchase it. The plugin cost $89 only which is a onetime payment. This means once you purchase the plugin, you are done. There are no any monthly charges as we seen in the other three dropshipping apps we discussed earlier on.

To purchase the plugin you first have to go to the AliDropship website. You can click on this link to go to the homepage. Now once you are on the home page you will have to click on the buy plugin menu and then you will be displayed with the buy button.

Click on the BUY BUTTON and follow the rest of the steps to make your purchase. Once you are done with the purchase, you will be taken to the thank you page. Here you will be given a license key and also display with the two version of the AliDropship plugin. The plugin comes in two versions the main AliDropship plugin and the Alidropshipwoo.

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These are two different versions and each has its compatibility. The Alidropship main version comes with its custom theme and this means it can’t work with other themes except for the main theme it comes with.

The Alidropshipwoo version is compatible with any WordPress theme. Meaning you can use this version with any WordPress woocommerce theme. You have to choose your preferred version and download it from the download. The license key is the same for all the two versions just make sure you keep the license key safe. You will need it after you install the plugin on your WordPress store.

How To Install The Alidropship Plugin

Now, to install the plugin you will have to install WordPress with woocommerce installed on your hosting and domain.

Installing the AliDropship plugin is the same as installing any other WordPress plugins. Just click on plugin>add new> upload and install. Once is installed activate it and you are done. You can watch the video below to see the steps by step method of installing the plugin and how to customize and properly set up the plugin.


How To Import Products To A Woocommerce Store Using The Plugin

Now is time to import the products from AliExpress to your AliDropship dashboard.

I have covered these steps in the video below. Please watch it to see a step by steps method of importing products from AliExpress to your AliDropship account. Make sure you watch the video to the end.


Alright friends, this is where we come to the end of this article and if you are really serious about your dropshipping business then AliDropship should be your number one go to when choosing the best plugin.  Stay blessed and see you in the next article. Leave your comments in the box in case you have a question for me.

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