How To Choose The Right Product To Dropship From Aliexpress

Choosing the right product for your dropshipping store is crucial for the success of your dropshipping business.

Many new dropshippers failed to make a sale in their drop shipping store not because they are new to the business but because they choose a wrong product.

As a newbie to this kind of business, there are many factors to consider right from the day you made up your mind to start the dropshipping business. One of those factors is choosing the right product to sell.

We are not going to talk about the other factors but will focus our discussion on the choosing the right product. So without wasting much time let me go straight to the point.

Look For the Bestselling Product on the Aliexpress StoreDirectories

Aliexpress is one of the best places for inventory arbitrage and many dropshippers like to use the site as a source of inventories for their store. But what many dropshippers especially the newbies don’t know is that the Aliexpress website has a subdomain for the best-selling product on their site.

The bestselling products are the products that people frequently and always buy from the Aliexpress website. As a dropshippers, knowing the bestselling products from the Aliexpress, eBay and amazon site will give you a hint as to what to sell.HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT PRODUCT TO DROPSHIP

You don’t want to sell a product that has few sales in the past. So making good use of the bestselling feature part of the Aliexpress website will help you choose the right product to dropship in your store.

Use Google Trends To Determine The Stability Of The Product Keyword:

Google trend is one of the most useful resources that every dropshippers can use to scale their drop shipping business. The trending feature of the Google app will help you to know the stability of the keyword of your chosen product.

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When you decide to sell a certain product, you can use the Google trend to see the keyword trend and see whether is stable or not. You can be able to see the trends of the keyword over some years which will help you to know either your choose product is based on seasonal need or not.

Consider The Price Of The Product:

Price is also another factor that you will have to look at when choosing a product from the Aliexpress directories to dropship. From my personal experience with the dropshipping business, I came to realized that products with lesser price perform better than those with a higher price.

This is because there are many stores online selling similar products at different prices. A consumer being rational will always make some research about the product he/she is to purchase.

Most a times the customers will look for price differences in similar products before they place an order. So if you choose the product with lesser prices from the Aliexpress store and add a small margin to it and dropship in your store, the possibility is that you will be having the best price for that product in the market and that can give your product the first-hand sell.

Shipping Method And The Delivery Period:

Since you used Aliexpress as your number inventory source that means your entire product will be dropship from China. Meaning anytime there is a sale in your store, the products will have to be ship to your customer from China to their location.

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In other to facilitate the speed on the delivery of your dropship product to your customers, you will need to consider the shipping method of each product you decide to dropship in your store. Some products have ePacket whiles others have free shipping.

It is advisable to choose a product with ePacket shipping method because that will take lesser time to be delivered to your customers. What I do when it comes to the shipping type of the product is to use keyword planner to determine the search volume of that product and the location where the keyword search is mostly coming from.

If a Product keyword search is mostly from USA or UK, then the best shipping method I consider before chosen to dropship the product is the ePacket. But if the product search is mainly from other countries I will then consider the other shipping options.

The reason is that customers from USA, UK, and Australia are most likely to know something about goods tracking and when they order they are likely to ask you to provide them the tracking code so they can easily track the progress of their items. So if you choose free shipping there will not be tracking code for most of the products and this can get you in some kind of trouble in dealing with your prospective customers.

That all friends. There above four (4) listed points are some of the things you should consider seriously when planning to start a dropshipping store.

Please if you found this post helpful share, like and leave your comment in the box in case you need further clarification of any of the above-listed factors. Thanks and see you in the next post.

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