Five best free money making apps on the store you may want to know

Smartphones, as the name indicates is to be used by smart people to do smart things. Smartphones have come to make our daily life activities easy and simple. But the smartness of this smartphones can only be seen or be utilized by the smart people. Don’t get it twisted; what I only want to say is that, the smartphones are developed in order for us to use it to solve most of our daily life activities with ease.

We use these devices every day; some of us cannot even sit for a second without touching the screen of our device. But let me ask you this question, have you ever used this smartphone to generate a small amount of money? Or is it the device which rather takes money from your pocket, I guess this is a question every user of a smartphone should be asking his or herself.

best free money making apps

As a smartphone user, you’ve to be smart. Don’t waste your time on social Media posting unnecessary post and comments which does not generate a penny for you. Your smartphone function goes beyond WhatsApping and Facebooking. Yes most people think smartphones are only to be used for WhatsApp and Facebook. But that’s not the case; your smartphone can be used for many things including making money for you.

If you don’t know that you can use your smartphone to make some few dollars every day, then this post is going to show you how you can do that. Below are the lists of 5 smartphone (Android) apps that you can install on your device that you can use to make some dollars.

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This is a survey app developed out of the main inbox dollar website. Inbox dollar is a website which offers varieties of online jobs that one can easily undertake to earn some cash when completed. More than $30 million people have been paid by this website owners since the time it has been around. You get $5 alone for signing up to this app. It pays you money to surf the web, play games, and take surveys. You can request for payment via check once you earn $30, which is completely possible in a couple of hours depending on your frequent use of the app.


Survey Monkey is one of the popular Survey websites on the internet. Many are making some extra cash on this website every blessed day. To make it easy for many people to be able to participate into this survey, the website owners have now come out with the app that every smartphone user can use to partake the survey right on their phone. Survey Monkey is trusted by more than 25 million users. You Take surveys based on your personality and interests and you can also request for your payment and cash it out via PayPal or you can choose to donate it to charity.


The name has already said it all. This app allows you to Preview ‘Video Trailers’ of Apps and get points that you can redeem with PayPal cash, Amazon gift codes and many more. With this app, whenever a new app is out on the playstore, they will send you the trailer to watch and after that they will pay you for watching. Is it not nice? You watch something and get paid for it. App Trailers is completely FREE to use and is a great way to quickly view and check out the best features of an App in Android and beside that you get paid.

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Make Money

Earn real money by completing simple tasks inside this app. with this app you can Easily make free money by watching videos, trying free apps, completing surveys, giving opinions, testing services, endorsements .You can earn cash anytime and from anywhere, there are no complicated missions to visit places or wander around and best of all it’s an easy, quick and fun way to make easy money! Make money is the best rewards app.


This app makes you become a Gig walker and run special assignments for clients and companies for handsome rewards that can be redeem in a form of cash or gift cards. You get paid from $10 to $15 an hour for completing a task. Some of the task may require you to take a photo of a particular place and upload it to the client and then you get rewarded. To become a Gig walker, simply download the app on the playstore and start working for your client.


There are a lot of apps on the store that seems to be serving this purpose but most of them are not legitimate. But with the above listed apps I guarantee you that they are legitimate and trusted because I personally use them and so far I did not have any problem with them.

Please note that with the above listed above apps before you can cash out your rewards or points in a form of cash after reaching the payout threshold, you will need a PayPal Account. For Ghanaian users who do not have PayPal account you can contact me on the following and I will get you one.

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