How To Get Free 1 GB Internet Bundle For Installing An App

Internet bundle has become one of the most challenging things to many for the smartphone users ever since the evolvement of the smartphone devices. Data bundle is so crucial when it comes to surfing the internet. In some region having access to the internet is almost free but unfortunately, in our region, it cost a lot to have access to the internet. With the higher charges from the internet providers, many find it difficult get access to the internet. For sometimes now people have developed ways to get free internet bundle from these services providers.

Not quite long one of the internet service providers started to give free 500MB internet data to all its subscribers who download their app and register with their subscriber number. Today this same service provider is giving a 1GB free bundle to their subscribers which I’m going to show you in this article. Without wasting much time let’s get started.

Vodafone Ghana no thought is among the best service providers in Africa and they have quite a number of programs to reward their subscribers’ free internet bundle for using their service. Vodafone at the initial stage of launching their Vodafone (Ghana) App rewarded every subscriber who downloads the app and registers with his Vodafone number 500MB internet bundle. Recently they ‘ve updated the app to include other offers including the Yendi Agro offer and the shake it. The shake it offers gives every subscriber free 1 GB internet data for participating in the shake it promo through the Vodafone app. Below are the steps to follow for the free 1 GB data bundle.

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Step 1 Download the My Vodafone app on Google Playstore

Steps 2 Open the app. Once the App is open you will see Login and Register

Step 3 Click on the Register button to register a new account with them

Step 4 Now fill in your details and confirm the account with the confirmation code which has been sent to you

Step 5 If you follow the above steps carefully, you should see the screen below.

Free 1 GB bundle

Step 6 Now what you’ve to do is to click on the 1gb Free trial on shake-CLICK HERE Button

Once you click on the shake it button you will see the below screen. Once you see the below screen then it’s time to shake your phone. Continue to shake the phone until the red circle is completed.

shake your phone

Now, wait for the available offers to open. Once you see the available offers, scroll to the end and you will see shake for free 1 GB data. Click on it and then shake the phone again until that circle is also complete.

shake your phone

Once you shake the phone and the circle is complete, then you should receive a message from Vodafone telling you’ve successfully received 1 GB data from my Vodafone app.

shake your phone

Once you get such message that’s all. Now go and check your bundle by dialing *126# and your bundle should be in. Below is the video tutorial for the above steps.

You can choose to watch this video and see the visual of the above steps. That’s all thank you for watching the video and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos to come. Also, please if you find this post helpful like share and comment below.

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