How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Website

Websites with SSL certificate are generally considered as secured websites and people feel comfortable and safe to enter their credit card details and other information on those sites.

If you are using a website without an SSL, it can negatively affect your website and also reduce your Google ranking because you can lose a lot of your visitors when they notice your site is not using SSL they will lose trust in the site.

So if you have a site without SSL, this post is going to show you how you can get free SSL and how to integrate it into your site

Alright! First, make sure your site is already up and running.

Once you have a well-functioning website then follow the below steps to get the free SSL for your site.

Open your browser and go type

Once you are on the homepage the next thing to do is to sign up for an account.


Now follow the signup process to finish the creation of the account.

Once you’ve successfully created the account and login to your account, you will be prompted to add your site to the account.

This site is what you are going to get the free SSL on. So make sure you copy the site you want to get the SSL on and paste it into the provided space as shown below


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Now click on next and then you will be taken to the next page where you’ll be asked to choose your plan.

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Here select the free plan and then click on continue

Now you will be redirected to another page where you’ll be given a new name server.

Copy these name savers and then go and log in to your domain registers control panel.

Once you are logged in to the Cpanel, locate the DNS and click on it. Now, look for Custom DNS or an option which says “Use My own DNS”.

Change the default DNS to the one you had from the cloud flare website.


Once you change the DNS to point the Cloudflare DNS, you are done. The next step is to go to your website dashboard.

In this case, I’m using WordPress so I’m gonna log into my dashboard. Now in the dashboard, we are going to install a plugin.

This plugin will get the SSL to fully integrate into the domain.

Locate plugin and click on add new. Now in the search, type Really Simple SSL and install.


Now you’ll see a notification that says we could not find SSL. Don’t worry, because you have just installed the plugin that is why you get that notification. It can take up to 24 hrs. for the free SSL to fully integrate.

Once you are able to follow the above steps correctly, you are done.

Wait for at least 24hrs for the SSL to function.

Watch the below video for more insight into How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website.

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