How To Get A Virtual Credit Card For PayPal Verification

PayPal as we all know is one of the most secure and popular used system for online transactions. Most of the online shopping sites and stores accept PayPal as their main method of payment. PayPal is available to many of the countries in the world. But unfortunately, some of the countries are deterred from using this system due to some reasons only known to the owners of this system. Many people from the banned countries have found a way to use this PayPal system without the bot detecting them.

But the thing is that, once the PayPal bot is able to detect that you are using the system from a country which was banned from the use of the system or if the bot suspect any fault from your account, they will ask you to verify your account with your credit card details. Once you have no credit card to do that, your account will be blocked and any fund you have in it will be gone forever.

If you are in a country that PayPal Restrict them from using their services, or you got your PayPal account limited  and you were asked to verify your account with a credit card, then you can easily use this websites am going to show to you to generate this card.

There are several sites on the internet that you can use to generate virtual credit cards from any part of the world. There is no need to go for a physical credit card from a bank before you can get a credit card. The only thing you need to do is to visit these sites for your virtual credit cards. The cards cost as low as $3-5$, depending on the service provider you choose to use. Below are the lists of sites that you can easily get a virtual credit card from.

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This is a Ghanaian based company which offers an awesome service to its customers. You only create an account with them and can fund the account with MTN mobile money, Bitcoin, and perfect money. You can generate the virtual credit card for 15Ghs only from this site. . I was introduced to this website by a friend who has used their services severally for his online transactions. I also tried the service and I must say  they really have a great service. They have the option of making your PayPal payments. Meaning you can easily fund your PayPal account too from your Cofred account with Bitcoin or perfect money or even MTN mobile money. visit the site from here


CRYPTOPAY Virtual Credit Card

Cryptopay is another place that you can create a virtual credit and fund it with your Bitcoin. This website also has a good service to the customers; you can easily get a credit card as low as $1. I recently used this site to create some cards for myself and some of my friends and it worked perfectly. The only thing about this website is that, you can only fund it with Bitcoin. Apart from that, I don’t see any restriction on this site. Just Visit the site for more details at


ENTROPAY Virtual Credit Card

The third site you can use to create virtual credit cards for PayPal verification is entropay. Even though I have not used it myself, but looking at the testimonies from their homepages, it should tell you that they offer great services to their customers. They also indicate that, they have a team that can assist you in creating these cards in case you have a problem with your creation. The only problem is that, their service is also limited to particular regions. If you are out of these regions, you will not be able to access this service.go to the site from this url

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This is the final website that you can get virtual credit cards on the internet. Most of my friends are using their cards to create several PayPal accounts for themselves, friend’s family relatives and customers. Once you create an account with them, you can fund your account with Bitcoin, and perfect money. Their card also cost $1 and you can use your Bitcoin, perfect money and okpay to pay for the card. Follow the link below to sign up for an account on their website and after that you can now request for the card. Go to the homepage from this url



Once you have your virtual credit cards, you can now go ahead to create your PayPal account using the virtual credit card details you get from these websites. My Final word is that, Please always be mindful of how you use these cards in conducting your business online. Please let us know if you have different sites that you use to generate virtual your credit cards by placing them in the comments. You can subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to be notified with any new updates from our blog.







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