How to Fake WhatsApp Conversation to fool your friends

There are many apps that can help you to generate fake WhatsApp conversation, but for the sake of this post we are going to base our discussion on two of such apps that’s Yazzy and whatsaid. These two are the most effective and efficient app that can really make your fake conversations look real in the eyes of your friends.


Yazzy is a free app which can be downloaded on the Google playstore. The app is one of the best fake Apps that can help you to generate false conversations on your phone to fool anyone who has no knowledge of the app. The steps below will walk you through how to use this app to generate your fake conversations.

  • First download Yazzy app from here or get it on Google playstore.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded and Install the app, then you have to open it
  • Once the app is opened, locate the options for generating fake things. Here you will see options that allows you to fake conversation on some of the social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter
  • Since you want to fake WhatsApp chats screenshot, then you will have to select the WhatsApp option
  • Once you select WhatsApp a new screen will appear prompting you with options to choose an image of the person, the name and background
  • Once you are done with the  above customization you can navigate to the message tab to write your fake conversation as shown in the image

fake-whatsapp-chatAfter writing the message you can then navigate to the last tab to save the false conversation and the image will be saved to the phone SD card

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If you are looking for a way to fool your friend on WhatsApp, then this app can do that for you. The app is one of the best and most widely used fake conversation apps on the market.

This app is awesome! It allows you to make a conversation look real even though is not. With this app, you can easily fool anyone and make him or her to believe that you are really chatting with the real person. The app has custom conversations in a form of templates that you can easily choose to make it like you were the one who typed it. The amazing part of the app is that, it has all the WhatsApp emotions that you want, and you can use them when writing your fake conversations.

The app has over 10,000 plus downloads worldwide. But the only problem is that, it cannot be found on the Google playstore. But don’t worry you can get it to download from here. Just download the app and install it to do more fun with your friends. I personally used this app to fool most of my friends and made them believe that am conversing with some of the top celebrities in our country.



Hope you enjoy this post. Now you can go ahead to fool your friend and made them believe you are chatting to the right person. Go on enjoy the fun!!!!

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