How To Make Money Online Using A Simple Copy And Paste Method

HI, this is Iddris once again and in this post, I’m going to reveal to you a simple copy and paste way to make money online without owning a website.

There are many making money post on the internet that claim to show you how to make money home but the truth of the matter is some of this post only sell services to you but does not actually show you how to make money.

For the past few years of being on the on the internet, I came across thousands of post on the Google search that talks about how to make money but only a few actually talked about the topic the rest will sell their affiliate links to their audience.

When I started with the Internet making money kinds of stuff, I’ve seen many people who talked about how they make money being at home and I was so amazed hoping that one day I can also make such kind of money on the internet.

Haven taking some action, I came too realized is never difficult to make money online. All you need is the right knowledge from the right people.  So if you also want to make your first dollar online without creating a product or owning a website then make sure you stay to the end of this post.

This post will reveal to you how you can leverage other people’s product and services to make some few bucks. It’s a simple copy and paste method you will really love. You don’t have to be a guru on the internet before you can apply this method.

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You only need an internet connection and a laptop to get started with this method. Alright if you are ready to see what I’m talking about then let’s dive into the actual work.

There a lot of websites that serves as a platform for content creators to offer their service and products for people to purchase. These content creators are called freelancers.

They offer their service to anyone who needs it through a third parties platform. These third parties operate an escrow service, thus, they serve as middlemen.

When one order for a service from their website, they hold the money until the service is delivered to the buyer and ensure that it meets his requirement before they release the money to the seller. Isn’t that cool?

Yeah, the popular website like, upwork,, and are few examples of these sites. So in this article, we are going to see how you can use these sites to make money without having your own services.

Fiver no thought is one of the best freelancing website today. It has billions of users and most importantly is free to join.

Anyone can join this site and start to sell their services right from the day they join the platform.

So now how can you use fiver to make money without having a service to offer?

This is where the second platform comes in. there is another platform you can use to get cheap service and then offer this service you got from the platform on fiver or any of the freelancing platform for sale.

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It works this way:

You go to the site which I will reveal to you in some few minutes, look for the services you know is cool and has the cheapest price, then copy this service and go to fiver or eBay and then list this service as your own Gig.

If anyone orders for the service from you on fiver or eBay then you also go to the site where you got the service from and purchase then you get it delivered to your fiver buyer. In this case, the customer on is going to be working directly with the original seller of the item/service. You’ll only serve as a retailer in this deal.

The video below shows the step by step procedure on how you can get started with this website.

Watch the video and if you still get any question leave me a comment below and will address your question for you.

Go and enjoy the video.

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