How To Install Android 6.0 OS On Your Computer Without Using Emulator

Android is now the order of the day. Everyone has come to love this operating system. With its great apps and games, a lot of people have been falling in love with it. Android OS can be run on most of the devices today, including PC and Mac. So in this article, we are going to show you how you can run Android OS on your Windows PC with the use of Remix OS.

Thanks to the Jide group, the company behind the invention of the Remix operating system. The Remix OS is programmed to bring Android feature on PC and Mac. This means, with this Remix OS installed on your PC, you can easily run Android Apps and games on your PC without using any Android emulator.

Before we go into the steps of the installation of the OS, there are some requirements your PC has to meet to be able to run Remix operating system:

Recommended system requirements

2 GHz dual core processor or better

2 GB system memory

Minimum 8 GB of free hard drive space

Internet access can be helpful

Make sure your computer has met these requirements before you can think of installing this OS on the computer. Now that your PC has met the requirement for the installation of the Android operating system on the PC, then it’s time for the installation. It is easy and takes less time to install this OS on your PC. But this will depend on your PC’s speed.

Steps To Follow For The Installation Of Remix OS

First, you need to download the installer from the official jide website or download from this link. Click here to download

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Here make sure to download the right installer for your PC. Let’s say you have Windows 8.1 32 bits installed on your computer. Then when you are to the download the Remix OS, make sure to download the 32 bits version. Other than that, it will not work.

Once the installer or the setup is downloaded on your machine, extract it to get the main setup for the installation.

Now that the setup is extracted open the extracted folder, and you will see two setups which look like the image

Now double click on the second setup the installation windows will appear. Look at the right side of the window you will see browse ISO. Click on the Browse and navigate to the extracted folder again to choose the first ISO file. Now click on the OK to start the installation.

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You can either run it on your USB drive or install it right to your computer’s hard drive. I recommend you install it to your hard drive since it will not have any effect on your existing windows. You can easily switch to your windows, and in case you want to use the windows feature.

Once the installation process is done, reboot your computer. The Remix operating system will start to configure it after the reboot; the configuration may take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Be patient and wait for it to finish up. After the configuration is done, your computer will reboot again

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Now on this second boot-up screen, you’ll see options to choose which OS to boot with. Select the Remix OS. Once is selected, the PC will boot and Just have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the whole setup process. Once the whole process is complete, you will see the Android interface on your computer.

But In case you don’t get this option to choose the OS, you can press F9 or F12 which will bring you the boot option. These keys will depend on your computer model and manufacturer.

Note! This OS may have some bugs, and The Company behind this OS promised better and improved in future versions. Enjoy your new Android installation.



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