How To Make $200 (Or More) Within 24hours By Just Installing An App

Making some extra bucks nowadays is so straightforward and easy, but only if you know how to do so. There are many people out there who make hundreds of dollar a day just by using their smartphones. And most of the time they do not have even to do so or spend their time doing that all day. They only use some few tricks in doing that. This trick I am going to reveal to you all in the next few minutes.

If you found yourself on this page then, you’ve made a great decision doing so. With this tutorial, you pretty much already have money in your bank. Why because in this tutorial I am going to show you exactly how to make $200(or more) within 24hour.

But please note! This is not another one of those “get rich quick” that promises you to become a millionaire overnight, nor is it a guide to building a six-figure business. What this tutorial WILL teach you is how to make some extra cash on the side the easy and lazy way, which you can use to buy a new gadget, pay off some debt, or eat out at a nice restaurant.


Follow each step EXACTLY, and I guarantee you will earn $200 or more within 24 hours or less.

What you need:

  • A computer
  • A mobile device (Android or iOS)
  • An internet connection
  • Paypal account


Step 1:

USING YOUR MOBILE DEVICE, type in the following to your browser exactly, and go.

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Step 2:

You will be redirected to a page similar to the one below. Click “Start earning rewards”, and then click “Continue”, after that click “Download now”.

Make $200(Or More) Within 24hours


Step 3:

You should be redirected to Play Store. Install the app on your smartphone. Enter your PayPal email address.


Step 4:

Open the app (Feature points). When you are asked to for referrer code enter “BYDMYZ” (Without) quoted and continued to earn your first 50points. Now click Earn more you should see something like below.


Make $200(Or More) Within 24hours



Step 5:

Now Type your link to Notepad on your computer. This will look like the screen below

Make $200(Or More) Within 24hours

Step 6

Now is time for you to begin to Share this link to everywhere with your referrer code attached to the link. I’d recommend sharing it on internet marketing forums. Below is a list of forums to share the link on:

For more points, share your referrer link plus your code with your friends as well. Very soon, they will share it with their friends too!

Final step:

Now sit back, relax and watch as your points roll in!

Once you have over 120,000 points, cash out by clicking Rewards, then PayPal. Oh, don’t worry withdrawing shouldn’t be your problem am I here to assist you to do that too. When you reached the threshold, you can contact me through this contact details for your verified PayPal account if you are in the country which is limited by PayPal.

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Facebook: Sadik Iddrisu Debabs

Phone: +233 540589113


Bam! Easiest $200 ever!


I took it a step further, shared the links to 100+ websites and managed to earn around $200+ in less than 24 hours!


So, what are you waiting for? TAKE ACTION NOW!




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