How To Make Some Extra Money Online As A Student

How To Make Some Extra Money Online As A Student In Ghana

As a student, you always go through a lot of challenges when you are on campus. A time you may be broke and you called home for money but your call will yield you no result. As a university student, I know what I am talking about. You sometimes sound disappointed when you call your Guardian for money and you are turned down not because the person does not want to give you the money but because he or she is not having. Due to all this sort of problems, I always strive in one way and the other to get a means of earning some cash by myself. I do that through the internet with the help of my computer.


I know I as a student, you will not be having enough time to always be online, but you can use your small available time to look for something useful on the internet instead of using it on social media like Facebook and WhatAspp Recently, I was asked by a friend so how do i make money on the internet? This is a troubling question to many of my friends. This is because they always see me surfing the internet and making some extra cash, but they don’t know how to do that. So today I am going to show you how i make money on the internet and you can also do that.


There are many ways you can make money on the internet ranging from installing an app to taking part in an online survey, freelancing etc. You can read my previous post on the 5 best money making apps on the store. The simple and easiest ways you can earn a decent income from the internet as a student are as follows:

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Freelancing is the act of performing someone’s task or duties for an awesome reward. A Freelancer is a person who takes up any assignments or task that he/she wants to do for a fixed pay and has the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time as long as the assignment is completed before the deadline. Many of us are good in Graphic designs, article writing, web development, content analysis, teaching, digital marketing, coding, data entry and typing. If you know are good in any of the above mentioned jobs, you can sign up for a job that relates to your skills in any of the below listed freelancing websites and start bidding for a project. As a student, the best job you can easily undertake and complete within the stipulated time is data entry job. But if you know you are extremely good, you can bid for any of the projects and you will get paid for that. Below are some of the freelancing websites:


Online surveys

Another way you can work online and earn some money from it is by taking part in online surveys. An Online survey has to do with answering questions online for research firms or group regarding a particular product or issue pertaining to their field of operation. There are a lot of survey websites on the internet that you can sign up for and start taking part in their available surveys for a reward. Most of the surveys are easy to complete. Some will require you to install software on your computer and you will get paid for just doing that. In fact online survey is the best and lucrative task that every student should take part if he/she wants to earn some extra cash. What makes this kind of job much easy and simple is the fact that, most of these service providers have the app that you can install on your smart phone and can take the survey right on your phone at anywhere and anytime. Below are some of the online survey websites that you can sign up with and start to take a survey with them.

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Paid surveys at home


Making money blogging

Many of us go to the internet to search for information without wondering as to who put those information there. The fact is that most of us don’t know the info ‘are uploaded on the internet by someone. Most people also wonder how those people who put that information’s on the internet gets money. Hmm, let me tell you this, many of the people (bloggers) out there are making a living just by uploading those posts on the internet. There are many ways that bloggers get money for just publishing a post on their website/blog. The popular one among all is the Google Adsense advertising program. The other ones are affiliated marking and direct advertisement by companies. The Google Adsense program is the best way to making some recurrent money online through blogging.


Making money through Facebook

Facebook is a new way that one can easily use to make money on the internet. Facebook has now grown from being a social media to a city where everyone lives. Facebook is now the best place for advertisers and marketers. With its wide range of coverage, many people are now using it to make millions of dollars every day. As a student, you can create a Facebook fan page and invite many of your friends to like the page. Once you get more than 1000 likes on your fan page, you can sell it to anyone who wants to buy. Many bloggers and social marketers look for such page to buy everyday. So if you are smart enough; you can create many of the pages and invite all your friends to like the page. Once you see that your page like is now up to the requirement of the person who wants to buy, then you can go ahead to sell it to the person.

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YouTube publisher

The final way you can earn money on the internet as a student is by creating a YouTube channel. We always go to YouTube to watch movies and other form of videos without knowing that we are creating money to some people. Many of my friends always wonder how the owners of those movies on YouTube get money. Hmm, let me tell you this, as YouTube publisher that’s someone who uploads a video on YouTube, you get paid by Google (sole owners) for every click on the ads that are displayed on the video. Is this not wonderful? If you are a student and you are good in video creation, you can create any kind of video and upload them on YouTube.


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