How to make money with clickbank and Google alert

Hello friends, we are back again with yet another awesome article on how to make money with click bank and Google alert. First of all, lets us give you a brief insight of what Click bank and Google alert are:

Click bank is a world’s largest affiliate marketing website where you get to promote any product of your choice for a commission.  Clickbank has been in operation for over 17 years and has delivered products to customers around the globe. This is one of the most trusted affiliate marketing sites worldwide and has helped millions of people to earn a living by promoting products and other services. Clickbank is for all whether you are a student, teacher, home mom, blogger and what have you. You just need a computer connected to the internet to earn thousands of dollars each month with part time online marketing.

What is Google alert?

Google Alerts is one of the most useful online tools that get you informed about what other online business or website is up to with regards to your chosen keywords. Let’s take it this way; Google alert can be seen as a way of getting information delivered to your email from the internet without you having to search for them. What did I mean by without you having to search for when actually you have to? This tool allowed you to type the keyword that you want to get alerted for and when someone publishes a post, news, or any article online with your keyword in the article title, you will get alerted about it in your mail.

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Now that we know what Clickbank and Google alert is let’s now dive into the topic of the day. How to use Google alert to make money on click bank affiliated marketing?

The first thing you have to do is to register and become a Clickbank affiliate partner in other to get access to their marketplace where you can choose a product to promote. Click here to register and become a member of Clickbank.

Now that you are a member of Clickbank affiliate marketing, you need to choose the product that you want to promote (select the niche and pick a product to promote). I will recommend you to choose ‘say’ cooking, health, and digital products.

Now head to Google alert by typing this URL into your browser address bar or click on this URL  to go to the homepage. Here you will have to sign in to your Gmail account. This is the email address the alert will be sent to whenever you get an alert from Google. Once you are at the Google alert homepage, you will see the screen below.

How to make money with clickbank and Google alert

Now choose the keyword you want to get alerted of. Enter the keywords related to the product that you choose to promote on Clickbank. Let’s say you have chosen health and fitness products; now your keywords will improve health, fitness.

Now whenever someone writes an article and publishes it on the internet with “your chosen keywords” in the title, it will appear in your Google alerts dashboard and also gets a notice in your mail.

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How to make money with the alert and your Clickbank affiliate?

Now that you have set your Google alert with your selected keywords, when someone should write an article on your selected keyword, Google will inform you. Then what you have to do is to click on the link and it will take you to the website where that article was written. Once you‘re at the page, locate the comment section and then write a catching(attractive ) comment in the comment box that will compel other people who come here to look for the product or to read the article to click on it.

Your comment should look like this:

Name: write your name

Email: your email address

Website link: here you paste your Clickbank affiliate link

Comment: Wow great article thank you for that. I will also like to let you know that I found this great product that has helped me to solve my………. you can check out this at………….. (Then you place your affiliate link).

Once someone clicks on your link, it will take that person to the product page where that person will get the chance to read more about the product. Once they get more information about the product, they are likely to purchase it. And once they buy it, then you also get your commission as a referrer of the product.

How to cash out your money?

Once you reach the payment threshold, you can opt for payment from your ClickBank account. Here they have different payment mode you can choose the one you want. The payment can be made by check, wire transfer, Payoneer. The choice is yours. You have to select the payment method that you find convenience to you.

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This is how you can make your first cash from the internet without any investment and without having a website or blog. You can go through this method that we‘ve shown to you above, and we guarantee you that you will be able to make hundreds of dollars within some few weeks.  Let’s hear your story how do you make money on the internet? Share with us in the comments.

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