How to Monitor Your Mobile Data Usage

Smartphone devices are the biggest source of entertainment today. Smartphones offer you whole set of entertainment options at your fingertips. Here, you can listen to your favorite songs online, watch some amazing movies on YouTube, play HD games online, transfer data on social media apps, make video calls, and so much more.

Though all these entertainment options don’t come cheap. You need to pay higher data charges to enjoy all these features on your smartphone. Despite data tariff is revised and is cheaper in comparison to yesteryears, still, there is a surge in data usage that ultimately brings you hefty bills at the end of the month.

Monitor Data Usage: To deal with this situation, you should monitor data usage on your smartphone to bring down heavy mobile bills. Here, you need to keep the tab on those apps & services that consume a lot of mobile data and manage them for optimum use.

To do this all Android devices offer you built-in feature to manage and optimize data usage. To access this feature, follow below-mentioned steps.

  • Navigate to the Android Settings menu.
  • Click on connection or mobile networks then “Data Usage” option.
  • Tap on “Data Usage Cycle” and select date to set concurrent data usage cycle. For convenience, you should match the data usage cycle according to a start date of your monthly plan. To check start date of your monthly plan, check your phone bill or go to your carrier’s “My Account” section.


  • Check “Set mobile data limit” option to limit mobile data usage. Once you enable this option, a red bar will appear on the graph.
  • Now you will find a red bar and orange bar on the graph. You can move the red bar to set the maximum limit of data usage and orange bar to set alerts when you reach specified data usage.
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Note: Once you enable “Set mobile data limit” option, your mobile data connection will be disabled when the specified limit is reached.

Use Check Data Usage: The next option available to monitor data usage on your Android device is to use data monitoring apps. One such intuitive app is Check Data Usage, that offers you immense useful features to keep the tab on your mobile data usage effortlessly. It helps you manage and control data usage both on mobile network and Wi-Fi. It allows you to set data plans for optimized data usage. It displays data and plans summary to help you allocate data resources well. Further, it also mentions usage by different apps to help you manage resource-hungry apps. Among other features, it offers to optimize the Internet, clear cache, RAM clean, data use the chart, app exclusion list and lot more.

Conclusion: Effective mobile data usage monitoring can help you reduce unnecessary data usage charges significantly. To monitor data usage on your device, you can use built-in feature offered by all Android devices or you can opt data monitoring apps for instant and effective results. Using either of the options will help you curb and optimize mobile data usage for better performance.

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