Mtn 4G Lte! What You Need To Know Before Switch From 3G To 4G

This post is here to highlight to you all what you need to know about the MTN 4G and reasons why you should switch your network from 3G to 4G, the advantages of using 4G over 3G and how to know whether your phone supports the 4G service or not. Finally, you will also know how to get the 4G service on your device.

Thanks to MTN for bringing 4G LTE service coverage to Ghana. The 4G LTE stands for Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution. It is a new generation of mobile telecommunications technology, which comes to replace the 3G / HSPA networks. It is re-designed to provide the subscribers up to 5 to 10 times the speed of the 3G networks.  With the 4G LTE service on your phone, you can reach up to a maximum 12.5MB/s download speed and 6.25 MB/s of upload speed. Is this not awesome? Wow, it is really awesome to some of us!

MTN 4G LTE service was previously available in only the regional capitals across the country, but it has now been designed to work in some of the large towns in Ghana. The 4G service comes with another level of speed and reliability of the internet to its subscribers.

Advantages Of The 4G LTE Over The 3G Networks

It offers up to five to ten times higher speed browsing, faster downloads and uploads clearer and easy streaming without any breakages and clear video calling.

The good thing is that the 4G LTE service can be used either directly on your mobile phone or on other devices like modems and routers. But to enjoy this service, you will first have to check for enabling devices. That’s whether your device supports the service or not.

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The only disadvantage of the 4G LTE service is that it consumes a lot of internet bundle. But to some, this is not a disadvantage because they get value for their money (better browsing experience).

From the above am sure by now you might have already made your mind to switch from 3G to 4G because, looking at the advantages as compared to the disadvantages, one can tell which one outweighs the other. So if you are interested in switching to the 4G services, then below are what you will first have to do.

How To Get The MTN 4G LTE Service On Your Device

To get the MTN’s 4G service running on your device, you need a smartphone that supports 4G. To know whether your phone supports the 4G or not, Dial *585# then select the second option. If your device is a 4G enabled device, it will be indicated to you by the service providers.

The next thing to do is check whether your location falls within the MTN’s 4G coverage areas.

Then the final thing is to Visit MTN branches nationwide to swap your 3G SIM for the 4G SIM for free .This means that new SIM will be given to you. You need to worry not because all your old SIM card information’s will be transferred to the new SIM and can be accessed without any problem.

If you are an MTN subscriber then you should be thinking of switching your network from 3G to the 4G LTE for a better browsing experience.

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NOTE! So far MTN is the only 4G service accessible directly from your mobile phone in the country. We hope the other service providers will also come out with this new initiative. But for now, you switch to MTN’s 4G service and enjoy higher speed data services on-the-go now. MTN they say Welcome to the new world of unlimited possibilities.


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