How To Control Who Sees Your New Status Update On WhatsApp

The latest WhatAspp update has come along with yet another feature which allows its users to upload photos and videos for their contacts to see, instead of a simple text-based status. The posted status will only last 24 hours, and after that, it will disappear. Your contacts can reply to your status as well as you also replying to their feeds. You can also check how many people viewed your status just like you use to do on Instagram and Snapchat. This feature is now the new trending topic on most of the social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Most of the Users of this app have been talking about the fact that the feature is good, whiles others also have a different view by saying it can reveal their privacy. In short, the feature whether good or bad will depend on your choice. Just like Instagram, WhatsApp also gives you the options to choose who sees your status. You can customize the new feature to suit yourself by changing the privacy option on your WhatsApp. You can choose whether to make it public or select some particular contacts that can see your status update.

By default, the privacy is set to be public, meaning all your contacts can see your new status update. But you can choose to change to other option. The choice is yours. In case you chose to change the privacy settings of this new feature of the app then, the below steps will guide you as to how you can change the settings from the default to any option that suits you.

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whatsapp status

To Change the option from all contact to only selected contacts, first open your WhatsApp and navigate to the status tab. Once you are there, Just tap the three dots on top of WhatsApp status, and you’ll see Status Privacy option on top. Here you have three options: “my contacts,” “contacts except…” and “only share with…” for your story. Choose from the three options the one you want .now Go back and restart your app, and that should be all.

whatsapp status privacy option

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