How To Save WhatsAPP Statuses To Your File Manager (Sd Card)

WhatsApp live status update is now the best part of WhatsApp that many of the users of the application enjoy the most. They get to enjoy live video updates, pictures and gif statuses. The most astonishing part of this new feature of the app is the fact that you can upload multiple statuses at a time. But the thing is, Sometimes one can come across a nice status on a friend’s live WhatsApp status and wished that he or she can save it to their device for later view. Some go to an extra mile of asking the owners of such status to send it to them.but others find it uneasy to ask. All these are now the story of the past if you happen to find yourself on this page because in some few minutes I am going to show you how you can easily save any one’s status updates without any problem. You can click here to read our previous article on How To Control Who Sees Your New Status Update On WhatsApp.

To know how to save WhatsApp statuses to your file manager follow the steps below:



The first step is to open your file Manager

Now Press “option” key > Settings >check “view/show hidden files” as shown in the screen below:

show hidden files

Now Go back to the File Manager and scroll to the WhatsApp folder. In the WhatsApp, folder locates “Media” folder and open folder

Once the media folder is opened, locate statuses. Usually the first folder you should see “.statuses,” open the statuses folder. This folder contains all the viewed statuses over the 24hr period.

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Now locate the files you want to save and then tap on them to select. Now tap on the copy button from the list of the options that appears. Once you copy, then go and paste them to where you want to save them and that’s it.

copy and paste the files

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Please take note that the statuses will automatically delete themselves after 24hr if you did not move/save them to another folder. If you found this post helpful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media by clicking on the social buttons below this post. Thanks for sharing in advance.



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