How to send blue color text format on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best platforms for sending instant messages between two or more pals. It has come to solve the way we converse/chat with our friends and families. WhatsApp officially supports some features like bold, italic, strikethrough text formatting. But to some extent, it ignores many features that can add more beauty to the text font. Apart from the normal black font color of text that the platform supports, one cannot use or change the text color to the one he or she likes. But the good news is that you can now change the color of your conversation text to blue with the help of a third party app call WhatsBlueText. The app has about 25+ different fancy font styles which makes your conversation more beautiful and cool. Isn’t it cool if you can send blue color messages on your messaging app? I guess it is. Yeah, this app came with some awesome fonts and style that can add more fancy to your WhatAspp text. But the question is how do I get this app? You can get the app by following the few steps below.

  • Download the app from the link below and install on your phone


  • Now open the app and on top you will see a text box with inscription “input text box” as shown in the screen below.input screen

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  • Now type in your words in the box, as soon as you start to type the words, you will notice text with different style will start to appear
  • Once you’re done with typing your message, tap on the share button next to the text style you want to share it with any of your contacts on WhatAspp. You can also tap on the words in the style box and it will copy it to the clipboard and then you can go and paste it to WhatAspp.
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That’s all; you can now start sending a fancy text to your friends. So, I hope this WhatAspp tip will be helpful to you to format your conversation text on the messenger. If you have any query or just what to share your views then feel free to drop comments below. If you are in love with this blog, then do subscribe to our newsletter for free updates of our upcoming articles. Please don’t keep this alone, share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media by clicking on the share button below.


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