How To Start And Grow A YouTube Channel From Scratch In 2019

Do you want to Start and Grow a YouTube channel in 2019? If yes, then make sure to stick to this post to the end

To earn passive income online, you will need to create a stream that will continue to generate this income for you on a daily basis.

There are many ways to earn passive income online and one of my favourites is the YouTube platform.

YouTube is a platform that anyone can start and begin to make some passive income from.

Previously, people didn’t give the platform much attention because they see it to be the last place to make money online.

But with the increase in the demand for video content, a lot of people are now getting much involved in video creation.

The YouTube platform has become one of the largest places for video consumption.

Today YouTube has grown and reached the level where many creators are now making six and even seven income figure from their channel.

Many creators today live on their YouTube channel revenue.

Creators make passive income from the videos they upload to their channel either through the ads revenue or through prompted content.

As a beginner to the video marketing, you may think the YouTube platform is already saturated and because of that, it will be difficult to Start and Grow a Youtube channel that will bring some revenue to you on monthly basis.

If you have this mentality then in this post I’m going to break that from your mind and show you some strategies you can use to Start and Grow a Youtube channel.

Recently, I launched a channel which I wanted to use as a test channel. The channel was launched on the 18th of February 2019 and as of the date of creating that channel to date, the channel has grown beyond imagination.


I used these strategies in growing this new channel and I’m going to show you all what I did to grow the channel.

If you are still here and tired of reading the long talk then is time to go straight to the points.

Below are some of the things you need to do to grow your channel.

  1. Create a channel
  2. Be consistent
  3. Create videos on trending issues
  4. Take advantage of on page SEO
  5. Share the videos on all your social media platform


Create a channel

You cannot have a successful YouTube channel if you did not start one.

Starting a YouTube channel is the only way you can get ahead and begin to have the success you want.

Many people think of having their channel but still will not start because they always think they are waiting for the right time.

They see themselves not ready for that since they claim they want to learn more about the platform before they can start their channel.

The truth of the matter is, no one is perfect and no one can ever be perfect in whatever he/she is doing.

Any successful online entrepreneurs you see today started knowing nothing. What made them successful is that they learn as the practice.

That’s the only thing they do.

So if you want to start a channel and waiting to be perfect before then forget because there will be no day you will be perfect.

What you rather need to do is to start and then learn as you implement.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the second step to having a successful channel on the YouTube platform.

Once you launch your channel you need to make sure you stay focus.

Focus in the sense that you always feed your subscribers with what is best at a regular interval.

For example, once you create a channel and uploaded a video on a topic say “How to Create a Blog”.

If this video goes viral and your viewers love the video content, these viewers will be willing to see what the next video will be on.

They will like to get a new video on this same topic in the coming uploading.

So is your duty to get them what they want.

They might not tell you they need the video on that topic. You have to look at their reaction to the video and know that they will respond positive again once you upload a video related to the previous topic.

So is always good to be consistent on your upload.

You can schedule your uploading days, you can try and upload at least twice a week or maybe upload every day if only you will not compromise quality.

Create Videos on Trending Issues

400 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Close to millions of videos are uploaded on the YouTube platform on various topics each day.

The success of each video uploaded will depend on its content and the topic of the video.

There are some topics that are always on trend.

People always search for videos on the YouTube platform and Google search.

Before creating a video you have to make sure you do some keyword Search on the topic you are creating the video on.

This will ensure you don’t upload videos that people will not watch.

Keyword Research can be done right from the YouTube main platform.

There are many videos on the YouTube and Google search that teach how to do keyword research.

Search for those videos and learn how is done if you want to have a successful channel.

Take Advantage of On Page SEO

Another way to have a successful channel is to always use on page SEO on your videos.

SEO settings are the best strategies you can put in place in other have a successful channel on the YouTube platform.

SEO have to do with the video Title, Description, Tags and the video Thumbnails. These are the things that tell the YouTube algorithms what a video is all about on your channel.

Whenever a viewer type a keyword or phrase which is related to any of the tags or title in your video then the algorithm will show your video also in the search results.

To have the best SEO settings for your video you can use tools like Tubebuddy and vidIQ.

These two tools will help you have the best settings for your videos on the YouTube platform.

Share The Videos On All Social Media Platform

The final thing that you can do in other to have a successful channel is to make sure your videos are being promoted on the social media platform.

Whenever you upload a new video, it’s advisable to share the video on the entire social media platform you belong to most especially Facebook and Twitter.

These two platforms are the best place to get traffic to your videos.

The YouTube algorithm always looks at the external traffic source for a video in determining its relevance to a user.

Just like the Google bot, the YouTube algorithm also looks at the inbound links and the video referral in ranking that video.

So in other to get a higher rank on the platform always make sure to share your video links to all the platform once you upload a new video.

Final Words

The above five listed points are some of the things you need to do as a starter on the YouTube platform. This can help you Start and Grow a Youtube channel in 2019

These simple and easy to do practice will get your channel the best exposure you need and will help have a successful channel on the platform.

If you want to know much about managing a channel using your smartphone, then Make sure to read this article on the 10 YouTuber Apps You Need To Grow A Channel in 2019.

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