Top 7 most wanted Facebook tips and tricks 2016

Facebook has now grown from being a social network to a city. People live on it, speak it, eat on it and  even drink it. For some people Facebook is a source of income to them, whiles to others is a source of entertainment for them. But as a user of the site, do you know the site has a lot of in build apps and features that you can use to make your life better on the site? If you’re not, then worry not because this post is going to reveal to you the 7 most wanted Facebook tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of your Facebook profile.

How to format a text and words on Facebook

I want to format the text on my Facebook wall and status updates, how can I do it? This is the most asked question on the internet these days.  Yes!! We normally post Facebook status and we do that in normal text format. But, what if you want to format the post the way you want it, like highlighting some text, bold, italic and Strikethrough the status updates. I know many will think that cannot happen on Facebook because they have never seen that on the platform. But let me surprise you by letting you know that in this our generation, and with the emergence of modern technology almost everything is possible when it comes to the tech related issues.  If you are looking for a way to format your Facebook status, there is a built-in feature available in Facebook that can help you to do so.  But the only problem with the inbuilt feature is it has long procedures you need to follow. So if you are looking for the simple and easy way to format your text, you have to used a third party website. This site will help you to format your text and words the way you want, then copy and paste them to your wall on Facebook. So without wasting time, let’s look at how to do that on the third party website.

  1. Go to Status Formatting Tool
  2. Whiles you are at the site, you will see the screen below on the website homepagebold-italic-facebook
  3. Now type in your status updates and use the formatting tools to format the text to your likings.
  4. After you are done with your formatting you can now copy all and go to paste them on your Facebook wall. That should be all. Your status will appear as expected.


How to flip Facebook status updates upside down

This is another most wanted Facebook tricks from most of the people who want to show to their friends that they are tech genius. I was also initially amazed the first time I saw a flipping Facebook status. The status was turned upside down. I was tilting my heads trying to read the message in the post.  I hope most of you might have also come across this kind of post on Facebook and wondering as to how this is possible. Yeah, it is possible and is the easiest among all the tricks I ever seen on Facebook. You don’t need to be a tech genius to do that. With the help a third party site, you can flip your texts and words within some few minutes. So let’s do that now:

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First, go to the site. Once you arrived at the site, you will see the two screens the first with inscription type your words here, and the second with inscription copy this text to Facebook. On the first screen write the status you want to flip and the results will be displayed to you on the second screen. Whiles you are satisfied with the outcome, you can now copy it and go to paste on your wall on Facebook. This is shown in the shot below.



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How to add a Legacy Contact to your Facebook account

This tip should be the first that every user of Facebook should know. How to set a legacy contact to your account. What is a legacy contact? Legacy contact is a contact that can take or assumes your responsibility on Facebook whiles you are not around. Everything we do in this world has an end. There are instances that people will pass away and still their Facebook account will remain active and all their posts will be displayed in public. This to some extend is good because it made the person’s friends to remember him. But when you are looking at it at some angle is not good, especially, when that person has some ill status on his or her wall.  If you don’t want your profile to be active in the social media or you want someone to be in charge of your account after you are gone then you have to set a legacy contact in your account. Follow the steps below to set the legacy contact to your account.

  • Go to Account settings>security>legacy contact.
  • Tap on the legacy contact to choose the contact you want as shown in the screen below:
  • lecacy-contact
  • After choosing the contact you want, click on Add
  • Now a pop up will appear asking you whether you want to send the legacy contact you have choosing a message to alert him of your choice or not. Click on send to send the message, not now to wait for the appropriate time you want to send the message.


  • After this step that’s all now your legacy contact has been set, any time the unfortunate happens, the person can take control of your account.



How to Choose Who Sees Your “Likes”

When you like a post, comment and sometimes a page, Facebook by default will notify all your contacts and families on Facebook that you like such post or comments. There are times that you may like a post or comments which are not worth knowing by some of your friends and love ones. Will you be happy if you like a post containing “adult” material and this post is notified to your father or mother on their Facebook? What will you feel if your boss should find out that you like some unnecessary post that has nothing to do with your personal development? I guess you won’t be happy.  Then, if you don’t want that to happen, you can choose to change your likes privacy which we are going to take you through with the below steps.

  1. Go to Facebook >your profile>more> edit privacy likes
  2. Now select from the list of items, the item that you don’t want anyone to see when you like them.
  3. After that save and close that’s all.



How Create Fake Facebook wall updates

Have you ever come across a post on Facebook which was assumed to be made by a person you are known to be dead or missing for long? How was your reaction to that post? I guess you will be thinking whether that person is alive!!! Hmm, that’s not the case. It might be that someone faked that post and posted it on Facebook to play with the minds of the person’s close friends and relatives. Yeah ,you can also do that with the help of this free tool call The Wall Machine. With this tool, you can fake any conversation to suit the person you want to tag the post to, and everyone who has no knowledge of the app will believe.  What will you feel if you see a post with like the screen below on Facebook with the time of the post to be 2 hours ago?

Won’t you be fascinated?  OK!!!  If you are interested in knowing how that works you can follow the steps below:

  1. Follow this link to go to the app’s homepage
  2. Once you are at the site you will see the screen to be like the below shotthe-wall-machine
  3. Now click on the upload picture box to upload the photo of the person you want to fake his wall
  4. Once the photo is uploaded, click on the Loren text to change the name and the second to write your fake status.
  5. Now you can use the comment box to write a fake comment of another person you know to be a best friend of the person you are faking.
  6. After that you can now share it on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook Icon near the save button.
  7. That’s all. now your fake status will appear on Facebook and most of your friends and others will see it to be like is the person who updated his wall.

Facebook fake wall


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How to Appear Online Only to Selected Friends

There are times that you don’t want some of your friends see that you are online due to some reason which is only known to you alone. If that’s the case then you can use these tips to select the people you want to online see your online status on Facebook.

  • Go to Chat found at the lower right side of the page


  • Now, click on gear icon, then click on advanced settings.
  • A window would pop-up, now in the field which says “Turn on chat for all friends, except.”


  • Now start adding your friend’s name, for which you don’t want to appear online.
  • With this, you now appear completely invisible to them.


How to deactivate the auto video play on Facebook

Have you noticed that the latest Facebook development has come with an auto video play to the platform? Whenever a video is shared on the platform, and you happen to come across, it auto starts to play. This sometimes is annoying, especially when you are on a tight budget with no extra money for an internet data. Then, if you wish to disable the auto-play of videos, you can do that by following these steps.

  • Go to Facebook Settings > Videos
  • Turn off the auto play of Facebook videos as shown in the photo below.

We hoped these tips and tricks will be helpful to you. If you have any query or just what to share your views about the post, then feel free to place it in the comments below. If these tips and tricks helped you a little, then Please like and share as a token of thanks.  Don’t forget to also subscribe to our newsletter for free updates of our upcoming articles.



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