How To Create Personal Chat Link In WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular used apps by smartphone users. Ever since this app emerges, we have seen a lot of improvement in the app.

A lot of features and functions are being added with every version and updates. In one of the updates, we have the feature that allows a group admin or any member of a group to invite another member to join the group using the group link.

This feature has made it possible for people to join any group of their choice without the notice of the admin. Once a person has an invite link, he/she can join a group without going through the group admin.

This is one of the best improvements I have seen in the last version of WhatsApp updates. But it seems WhatsApp has forgotten to add a feature to the app that will allow an individual to have his/her link that can share for anyone to be able to invite a friend to chat with them without them having their contact.

The ability to own a personal link that I can share for anyone to be able to contact me without necessarily having my contact has been my number one priority from day one.

I have seen a lot of tricks that show you how to get such a link, but most of them failed to achieve their purpose. But recently I came across one of the easiest and simple way to own a personal WhatsApp link that anyone can be able to contact you without the person necessarily having your phone number.

If you are ready to see this trick on how to get your personal WhatsApp link then make sure to follow the simple three steps below. There are two methods to go about with this. I will show you all the two methods in this post.

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First Method

  1. Copy this link
  2. *Replace ABCDEFGHI with your desired phone number. MAKE SURE you include your country code in the number. E.,g. I’m in Ghana and my country code is +233 so in this case; the number will 233ABCDEFGHI
  3. Once you replaced the number with yours, then that’s all. You can now share this link with anyone, and that person will be able to chat with you through the link even if they don’t have your number.

Second Method

The second method is just a simple shortcode you can use. I prefer this method because it is easy to remember and also easy to understand. Check it below

First copy this link number

Then replace “phone number” with your phone number. Also, make sure you include the international code once again here. Then you can now share this link to whoever you can to contact you through WhatsApp.

How To Customize Your Personal WhatsApp Link With A Custom Message

First Copy the link below:

Replace the XXXXXXXX with your number and YOUR MESSAGE with your message.

40% is the space between the messages.

Now your chat link is ready to use, and you can share the link with your friends.  Thank you for your time and please if you like this article comment and share the link for all the your friends to also read.

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