How to win up to $200 in free Bitcoin without any investment

Thanks to the Internet and its providers, now there are a lot of legitimate ways to earn money online without investing anything. There are many opportunities on the Internet that one can easily take advantage of and make a living from that. When it comes to making money, I can say the Internet is the best place to make money with just a little effort.

A lot of people are making a living through the Internet entrepreneurship. No any much investment is needed to embark on this kind of entrepreneurship. What you only need is a computer connected to the INTERNET. I know many will be asking themselves how can that be an easy task. Yes is as easy as you can think of. Sometimes the only thing that makes one think that things are difficult is because they don’t have the knowledge about those things. So in this article, I am going to tell you the easiest way you can make some money every hour without anything being invested. You can also read the Five best free money making apps on the Playstore .

I know many of you have heard of Bitcoin! Yeah, if you did not, then let me take this opportunity to tell you what a Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a new form of digital currency just like perfect money. With Bitcoin, you can buy and sell anything on the Internet just like you used to do with the normal currency.

Thanks to the blockchain founders, we can now transact online without a credit card or a debit card. Bitcoin is now gaining more recognition and its value keep on increasing against the dollar. As of now, 1 BITCOIN = $15789.00. This means if you should hold 1 Bitcoin, and you are selling it, you will get approximately $15789.00. That’s a great amount of money you can think of. You can click here to read more about Bitcoin.

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Let’s now go to our topic of the day. How to win up to $200 in free Bitcoin without any investment. there are many websites on the Internet that provide free Bitcoin to its visitors for just landing on that page and taking a roll. One of such websites is This site is the most trusted and highly free paid Bitcoin on the Internet. You can easily earn up to $200 in free Bitcoin for just taking a roll.

How do I get the free coin?

Yeah, it is easy to get the free coin. All you have to do is to Visit this website from this link and sign up for an account. You will now be provided with a Bitcoin address. This address is what you are going to use anytime you want to buy or sell this coin to someone.

After signing up is now time for you to take a roll. Just scroll down to the page and at the bottom of the page, you will see Roll. But by then, you have to go through a test by identifying some captcha to prove that you are not a robot. After passing through the captcha you are now ready to roll. Click on the roll to take your free coin.

The rolls have been categories into ranges,  the amount you can earn will depend on the roll categories you fall. If you are lucky and you fall through a high range, it means you are going to get more coins, but if you fall on a small range you are going to get a few coins.

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Once you take your first roll, you have to wait for an hour and then go back to take the second roll. You can increase your coin every hour by going to take several rolls.

How do I cash or withdraw my Bitcoin?

You can request a withdrawal once you reach the maximum threshold set by the website owners. To make the request just navigate to the multiply tab and there you will see withdraw, click on it and then a list of withdrawal options will be listed for you. Just select the one that is appropriate for you and then you will get it delivered to you right into your account. You will sometimes need a PayPal account to cash this coin or sell it to someone and receive cash the choice is yours. The only thing is for you to reach the maximum withdrawal points.

I guess you now know what a Bitcoin is and how you can earn free Bitcoin on the internet without investing anything.

For now, this is where we will end this post. If you have any query you can place it in the comment and I will be happy to address it for you. For Ghanaian readers, you can also contact me on the following details in case you want a PayPal account and further clarification with regards to Bitcoin and I will be happy to respond to your call. Please like and share it on Facebook for others to also benefit from it.


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